At the age of 13, I experienced something I have never felt before. I was in Turkey by myself, living with a host family as a part of a exchange program.

Me and the host family were having fun in a swimmingpool and suddenly this tall man backed into me trying to grab a ball someone threw at him. I started to hyperventilate and panic. Why? Suddenly my childhood memories came flashing before my eyes. When I was about 8 years old, my father took me and my friends to a nudist swimming pool every Tuestday and Saturday. One day, me and my friend were playing with a ball and a tall man came at us stealing our ball and laughing nervously. We didn’t want to play with him, but he kept taking our ball. I remember he held the ball high over his head, so we rubbed our naked bodies against his to reach for it. He kept laughing, like in a high pitch laugh. Suddenly he threw our ball away and pushed my head under water putting my face on his penis and touched our private parts. As a kid, all I remember from the incidence, is that I though he tried to drown us, because I swallowd a lot of water.  As I have been told by my father in an adult age, my friend actually screamed “Don’t touch our vagina”. I don’t remember that. All I remember is that I was very scared. The man got kicked out, my father never called the police. He let the man who just molested his daughter walk free. And the worst ting was, we were taken to the same pool only a few days later. “We didn’t want you to be scared of the water, so we wanted you to go back like everything was normal” have my parents told me in later years.